01 April 2024

Claudelands celebrates significant conference growth

Claudelands is proud to highlight the significant conference growth of the reputable New Zealand Planning Institute (NZPI) Annual Conference. 

In March 2024, after much anticipation, the NZPI Annual Conference warmly welcomed planners and allied professionals from across Aotearoa to Claudelands. Over two full conference days, more than 35 breakout sessions were successfully held, featuring 47 speakers, ranging exhibition, whilst hosting 995 attendees.  

Since their first multi-day conference at Claudelands in 2013, the event has expanded from utilising a number of the varied conference and exhibition spaces, to now encompassing the venue in its entirety.  

Melissa Williams, H3 Business Development and Sales Manager – Business Events, expressed her immense pride and excitement in seeing the NZPI Conference fully utilise Claudelands’ multifaceted facilities. These included the conference centre, both indoor exhibition spaces, indoor arena, many breakout areas and meeting rooms, and outdoor spaces.  

Melissa shared “The NZPI Annual Conference is a fantastic example of how valuable it is to provide delegates with the appropriate space both indoors and outdoors, to enjoy and truly flourish in a conference setting, this making their time on-site so much more entertaining, memorable, and productive. The NZPI team used Claudelands various spaces in such creative and extensive ways that truly elevated their conference and allowed delegates to shift into various learning and networking environments seamlessly.” 

Claudelands are proud to be working with the expert team at Fresh Info,
an experienced economic consultancy business. Their expertise in economics, research, forecasting, and strategy helps organisations in the tourism and events industry plan and make sound business event decisions for the future. Thanks to their post-event evaluation of the NZPI Conference they acquired insightful and highly valuable findings from the event.  

Attendees were surveyed and the majority reported that their perception of Hamilton improved, and residents in attendance agreed that hosting business events like the NZPI Conference increases their pride in Hamilton city. Those attendees visiting from other cities reported their experience attending this event improved their perception of Hamilton city as a place to visit.  

Melissa says, “At Claudelands we place incredible importance on thorough post-event evaluations and debriefs, and to have the Fresh Info team conduct such in-depth research enables the NZPI team and ourselves to better understand the influential impact this conference and other business events hold. Additional economic information has also proven incredibly valuable, reinforcing the significant ranging value of business events to our city and wider region.”  

Claudelands looks forward to seeing the continued growth and success of the NZPI Annual Conference, and welcoming business event attendees to Hamilton city and the mighty Waikato region.