10 July 2023

Claudelands hosts the largest kaupapa Māori event for Tainui rangatahi on the biennial calendar

Tainui Secondary Schools Kapa Haka’s largest event on the biennial calendar is set to take place at GLOBOX Arena and Events Centre, Claudelands.  

The Tainui Secondary Schools Ngā Manu Kōrero and Kapa Haka Competitions are set to become a momentous and empowering celebration of Matariki for Hamilton City and the surrounding areas of the Tainui region. Leveraging the two largest kaupapa Māori events for Tainui rangatahi on the biennial calendar, this festival promises to unite communities, ignite cultural pride, and showcase the remarkable talents of our young people.

Matariki, the Māori New Year, symbolises new beginnings, reflection, and the gathering of communities. This year, the Tainui Secondary Schools Ngā Manu Kōrero and Kapa Haka Competitions will harness the spirit of Matariki to create a transformative experience for Hamilton City and the Tainui region. The festival is anticipated to reach unprecedented heights, drawing upon the strength and vibrancy of Tainui rangatahi.

The Ngā Manu Kōrero Speech Competition, renowned for its focus on oratory excellence, and the Kapa Haka competition, a dazzling showcase of Māori performing arts, have become cornerstones of cultural expression and identity for Tainui rangatahi. By joining forces, these events will create an even larger platform for rangatahi to shine, fostering their leadership skills, cultural knowledge, and artistic talents.

The festival will provide a unique opportunity for the broader community to engage with the rich cultural heritage of the Tainui region. Through the performances of 30 orators, eight kapa haka teams, three Pasifika performance troupes and the artistic contributions of multiple talented young artists to the Toi Whanake Arts Exhibition, attendees will witness the depth and diversity of Māori and Pasifika culture. Furthermore, the presence of 30
stallholders and exhibitionists will create a vibrant atmosphere, offering a range of experiences and connections to Māori arts, crafts, and local businesses. The kaupapa aims to strengthen the bonds within our communities, honour our shared heritage, and create a vibrant and inclusive space for all to enjoy.

Adding to the lively atmosphere of the festival, two dedicated spaces, the 'Hauora Hub' and the 'Digital Hub,' will engage and educate rangatahi in their respective areas. The 'Hauora Hub' will offer interactive and fun activities focused on promoting well-being and holistic health. From workshops on mindfulness and nutrition to physical challenges and wellness games, rangatahi will have the opportunity to explore various aspects of hauora and gain valuable knowledge to enhance their overall well-being. Meanwhile, the 'Digital Hub' will provide an exciting platform for rangatahi to delve into the world of technology and digital innovation. Through interactive displays and coding workshops, they will discover the limitless possibilities of digital technologies while fostering creativity and critical thinking.
These engaging hubs will not only educate but also empower rangatahi, equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge to thrive in the modern world, all within an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

"I am incredibly excited to see rangatahi in their element at this festival" says Co-Chair, Toti
West. "Their passion, talent, and cultural pride are truly inspiring. It's a space for them to express themselves, celebrate their heritage, and inspire others. Join us in this Matariki celebration and witness the remarkable achievements of our rangatahi."

With the excitement building and anticipation growing, it's no surprise that the demand for tickets to the festival has been incredible. Secure your spot and immerse yourself in this cultural extravaganza by getting your tickets today. Tickets are available for purchase exclusively through Ticketek.

For more information about Ngaa Paki o Matariki and the empowering celebration of Matariki, please visit the Facebook page.