12 December 2023

Eddie Tamati - Celebrating 34 Years

The year was 1989, and Eddie Tamati began work at the Claudelands Showgrounds in Hamilton, 34 years later, and Eddie is the longest standing staff member at H3 Group, and an integral part of the team. 

The landscape of H3’s venues and the event industry has evolved over the years, although Eddie’s dedication and commitment has never wavered.  

Eddie says “That’s the beauty of this job, no two days are the same, no two jobs are the same. Every work we do is different, and they are all special. It’s not really the event, it’s the people involved in it, they’re special.” 

Eddie is a highly valued member of the H3 Logistics Team responsible for room configurations, staging, flooring, event pack-ins and pack-outs – a crucial component of delivering successful events. 

Eddie says “Our team, we’re like a family unit. When I started here with other guys our families pretty much grew up together. That kept us tight, we’re a new team but it’s still the same family-based philosophies – we have each other's backs.” 

Eddie's expertise plays a pivotal role in ensuring each event held at H3’s venues is executed with their guiding principles in mind, Tight Team, Dedicated Hosts, and Best in the Business. H3 are proud to celebrate Eddie’s journey to date and look forward to many more years to come. 

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